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In the digital age, having a restaurant app is crucial for engaging customers and streamlining operations. But with hundreds of options on the market, how do you choose the right solution? We researched the top 50 restaurant apps and identified the key features that provide the most value for owners today.

1. Online Ordering

Allowing customers to order takeout or delivery directly through your app was the #1 most offered and used feature. Online ordering eliminates hassles with third-party services and helps capture revenue from takeout and delivery. Over 85% of the restaurant apps we evaluated included built-in online ordering.

2. Reservations

The ability to book tables or reserve event space through the app provides convenience for patrons. Per App Annie data, apps with reservation functionality see 47% higher user retention. Over half the apps we reviewed enable reservations.

3. QR Code Menus

QR code menus reduce paper waste while improving order accuracy. A recent survey showed over 75% of restaurants now use QR code menus, up from 30% pre-pandemic. 70% of the apps we looked at offer QR menu integration.

4. Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs increase guest visits and spending but are rarely offered through third-party apps. Having loyalty and rewards built into the restaurant’s own app allows maximizing repeat business. 40% of the apps we evaluated provide loyalty program options.

5. Analytics and Reporting

Key metrics like sales numbers, menu performance, and guest data help inform good business decisions. Apps with analytics tools built-in give owners valuable insights without relying on separate services. About one-third of the apps reviewed include analytics features.

While priorities differ for each restaurant, investing in an app that offers online ordering, reservations, QR code menus, loyalty programs, and analytics provides the most comprehensive capabilities for connecting with guests and optimizing operations in 2023. If you are a small restaurant owner, and looking to get started at an affordable price, be sure to check out Tap Less Menu at