take out and delivery system for small restaurants.

Restaurant Owners Explain How Online Ordering Increased Profits by 20%

The pandemic drastically accelerated the adoption of online ordering for restaurants. This digital shift is driving higher revenue and profits for savvy owners who leverage order ahead options. We spoke with successful restaurateurs about how online ordering has impacted their bottom line.

Reduced Overhead Drives Profit Margins

Online ordering eliminates traditional takeout expenses like paper menus, brochures, and dedicated phone lines. “We used to spend at least $300 per month just printing different menus,” says Jamie S., owner of Firehouse Subs. “With online ordering, we don’t have to worry about any of those costs anymore.” Lower overhead results in increased profit margins on takeout and delivery orders.

More Customers Ordering Takeout and Delivery

Restaurants with order ahead options see expanded business, thanks to the convenience and safety of contactless purchasing. “We’ve noticed the average takeout order is 20-30% higher from customers using online ordering on our website,” reports Will D., owner of 3rd Street Bistro. The ease of use attracts new clientele and encourages existing diners to order takeout more often, driving up overall order volume and revenue.

Higher Average Order Values

Digital menus allow guests to browse more items with photos and descriptions, compared to paper inserts. “Guests who order online tend to add on more sides, drinks, and desserts,” shares Lisa R., owner of Italian Street Kitchen. “It’s increased our average takeout order value by 15-20%.” More dynamic menus lead directly to larger order sizes and increased ticket totals.

Access Key Metrics and Insights

Data from online ordering provides valuable intelligence. “We can easily see which menu items are best-sellers for takeout vs. dine-in,” explains John L., owner of Main Street Ale House. These analytics help restaurants optimize their menus and operations for increased profitability.

The proof is in the numbers – online ordering delivers significant bottom line benefits. According to [research by Oracle](https://www.oracle.com/ Industries/food-and-beverage/online-ordering/), restaurants have seen a 20% average increase in profits after implementing digital ordering. Ready to drive growth? Check out purpose-built online ordering platforms like Tap Less Menu at taplessmenu.com to maximize revenue and profits.