All-in-one software for seamless management across all chain locations.

Online Ordering: Delivery or Takeout Made Simple

Streamline the ordering process across all your restaurant locations with our user-friendly online ordering system. Whether it’s delivery or takeout, our platform ensures a uniform, efficient, and hassle-free experience for your customers. Keep your service swift and your customers satisfied, no matter where they are.

Team Permissions: Empower Your Managers

Grant your managers the autonomy they need. Our software comes with customizable team permissions, allowing managers to update and modify menus as needed. This feature ensures that each location can swiftly adapt to changes, whether it’s a daily special or a seasonal menu revamp.

Branded Menus: Centralized, Consistent, Creative

Create and manage branded menus for all your locations from one central hub. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to maintain consistency in branding while offering the flexibility to cater to local tastes. Ensure your brand’s identity is strong and coherent across all outlets, making menu management a breeze.

Table Ordering System: The Future is QR

Embrace the future with QR Code ordering. This innovative tableside system minimizes in-person contact, aligning with modern safety standards, while enhancing the dining experience. It’s quick, contactless, and a novel way for your customers to engage with your menu and services.

Analytics: Data-Driven Decisions for Growth

Unlock the potential of your restaurant chain with our analytics platform. Our system offers comprehensive, ready-to-use analytics for every store, empowering you to make informed decisions that boost revenue. Dive into daily analytics to understand customer trends, track referrers to optimize your marketing strategies, and analyze data from various countries. Plus, get insights on the most used devices, browsers, and operating systems that your customers prefer. Stay ahead with regular analytics reports delivered straight to your email. Start making smarter decisions today!


Multiple Locations: Streamlined Management at Your Fingertips

Managing multiple restaurant locations has never been easier. Our intuitive dashboard is designed to centralize control, saving you time and reducing operational costs. Oversee all your restaurants from one simple platform, ensuring uniformity in quality and service.