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The restaurant industry is more competitive than ever before. With rising costs and thinning margins, restaurateurs need to find innovative ways to streamline operations, attract new customers, and improve the overall dining experience. This is where QR code ordering comes in.

Implementing a QR code ordering system can revolutionize your restaurant in multiple ways. It makes the entire ordering process quick, convenient, and contactless for customers. For you as a restaurant owner, it helps cut down labor costs, minimize errors, capture data, and boost sales.

In this blog, we will discuss:

How Does QR Code Ordering Work?

A QR (quick response) code is a type of barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone camera. It stores information like a restaurant menu, ordering form, or payment link.

To order using QR codes, customers simply need to:

Once the order is placed, it directly reaches the kitchen for processing. Customers get updates on expected wait times. For dine-in orders, food can be served at the table conveniently.

This contactless ordering minimizes interactions between customers and staff. It also allows customers to order directly from their seats without waiting for a server.

Top Benefits of QR Code Ordering for Restaurants

Implementing QR code ordering can transform your restaurant operations and economics:

1. Increased Order Frequency

Research shows that tableside QR code ordering can increase order frequency by 10-30%. Customers tend to order more items more often since they can browse the menu and place orders at their own pace. There is no need to wait for a server.

This directly results in higher average transaction sizes and revenue per table. With QR codes, you can display suggestive selling prompts and upsell opportunities as well.

2. Reduced Labor Costs

A QR code ordering system can help cut down labor costs significantly. With customers placing orders directly, you need fewer servers on the floor during peak hours. Servers can then focus on food delivery and attending to other customer needs.

Table tracking and management also becomes automated, reducing the need for hostesses and managers to monitor tables. This labor cost saving drops directly to your bottom line.

3. Minimized Ordering Errors

When customers place orders themselves, chances of ordering errors are minimized. They can clearly see menu items, customize orders, and review their cart before checkout.

This reduces the need to replace wrong food orders. It also lowers the chance of miscommunication between customers and servers during ordering.

4. Better Customer Data

A QR code ordering system allows restaurants to collect customer data easily. You can gather data like order history, peak visiting hours, favorite menu items, and demographics.

This data further enables targeted marketing campaigns to increase loyalty and repeat visits. It also provides valuable insights into menu performance.

5. Enhanced Customer Experience

Research reveals that 60% of customers prefer ordering food digitally. QR code ordering provides that convenient, tech-enabled experience customers now expect.

With QR codes, customers don’t need to wait for servers or stand in queues. This improves turnaround times and customer satisfaction.

6. Streamlined Kitchen Operations

With orders coming in digitally, the kitchen can prepare food faster without order processing delays. Menu items, special instructions, and quantities are clearly listed in the order.

Better order tracking also minimizes food wastage and delays in delivery. This boosts both kitchen productivity and customer satisfaction.

7. Brand Building

A QR code ordering system portrays a modern, tech-savvy brand image. Customers perceive such restaurants as more progressive, convenient, and digitally connected.

You can even customize the ordering interface with your brand logo, images, and messaging. This further enhances brand recall and loyalty.

How Tapless Menu Makes QR Code Ordering Easy

While QR code ordering has multiple benefits, restaurateurs often find the technology complex, risky, and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Tapless Menu makes implementing a full-fledged QR code ordering system simple and affordable. Our platform provides everything you need including:

Our solution does not require any technical expertise. You don’t need a website or app development. Our platform takes care of everything while you focus on daily operations and service.

Tapless Menu Pricing

We offer transparent and competitive pricing starting at just $19.99 per month.

There are no commissions or hidden fees on orders or transactions. You pay a simple monthly fee based on the number of locations you manage through their platform.

For restaurateurs, this predictable pricing model is far more beneficial than paying commissions on each order to other vendors. It helps retain maximum profit while benefiting from QR code ordering.

We offer a free 7-day trial to experience the benefits firsthand. There’s no credit card required to sign up for the trial.


Here are answers to some common questions restaurant owners have about QR code ordering:

Q1. Is QR code ordering safe for customers?

Yes, all payments go through your gateway. You can easily setup stripe, paypal, mollie, and cash.

Q2. How much does Tapless Menu QR code ordering cost?

Tapless Menu starts at just $19.99/month with no hidden fees. It’s the most affordable full-service platform with zero commissions on orders.

Q3. How do we get notified of the orders?

Orders are directly sent to the designated email addresses. You also have the flexibility to add multiple team members to receive these notifications.

Q4. Will customers need a special app to order using QR codes?

No app download needed! Customers simply scan the QR code provided using their smartphone camera and start ordering.

Q5. How do I create a QR code menu for my restaurant?

It’s easy with Tapless Menu’s simple and easy to use menu builder. You can design mobile-ready menus with images, pricing, and more in minutes.

Q6. Is extensive staff training required for QR implementation?

No major training required! Tapless Menu is designed for quick, seamless integration into existing workflows.

Q7. How long does Tapless Menu implementation take?

Tapless Menu is a self-serve platform. You can be up and running in a couple of hours. Contingent on how quickly you can create your menu.

It’s Time to Adopt QR Code Ordering!

As customer expectations and preferences rapidly evolve, QR code ordering is becoming a must for full-service restaurants today. It provides convenience, minimizes contact, and allows customers to dine at their own pace.

With a full-featured platform like Tapless Menu, implementing QR code ordering is quick, affordable, and risk-free for your restaurant. The extensive benefits range from increased revenue, reduced labor costs, better customer experience to streamlined operations.

The seven-day free trial makes it easy to experience these advantages first-hand. There’s no commitment or credit card required to get started.