The restaurant industry has undergone a seismic shift since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With capacity restrictions, social distancing protocols, and increased customer preferences for contactless experiences, digital solutions have become the need of the hour. One technology that has gained tremendous popularity and usage is QR code ordering.

For restaurants aiming to provide exceptional customer experiences in a post-pandemic world, integrating a QR code ordering system is no longer an option but a necessity. Read on as we explore how QR code ordering can transform customer experiences in restaurants through greater convenience, engagement, and personalization.

Enhanced Convenience Through Contactless Ordering

One of the biggest advantages of QR code ordering systems is the convenience and ease of ordering they provide to customers. With QR codes readily accessible via the table or restaurant windows, customers can quickly scan and access menus right from their own smartphones.

This contactless ordering process reduces wait times and minimizes interactions with staff. Customers don’t need to download a separate app or flag down a server just to view menu options or place orders. The ability to browse menus, customize orders, pay bills, and more at their own pace delivers an independent yet seamless experience.

For restaurants, a BYOD (bring your own device) model through QR code ordering apps also ensures savings on hardware investments like tabletop ordering tablets. Staff doesn’t need to hover around tables either, spending more time fulfilling orders quickly and accurately.

Engaging CustomersDigitally Through Rich Media

While traditional printed menus have limited space and visual elements, QR code menus open a world of possibilities through interactive and multimedia content.

Restaurants can showcase enticing photos and videos of dishes, provide detailed descriptions, and link supplementary information like wine pairings or chef’s notes. Integrating digital features like build-your-own meal configurators and upselling opportunities can further drive engagement.

Rather than limiting customers with static menu boards, restaurants can deliver an immersive brand experience right from the ordering process. Customers no longer just order food but can explore stories, visually browse options, and make selections confidently.

Streamlined PaymentProcessing

The payment process is an often-overlooked but critical factor impacting customer satisfaction. Long wait times for bills and difficulty splitting payments between large groups can negatively affect experiences.

QR code ordering apps streamline the payment process through flexible solutions. Customers can not only view itemized bills in real-time but also pay directly from their table through the app.

Options like pay now or pay later provide freedom to settle bills at convenience. Automatic splitting, card storage, and tipping functions further simplify payment. For restaurants, digitized payments mean faster table turnover, secure transactions, and reduced billing errors.

Analytics for CustomerInsights

While QR code ordering caters to easier and engaging ordering experiences, the benefits extend far beyond the transaction. The data gathered from orders, payments, and customer behavior is a goldmine for restaurants.

Unlike traditional ordering, QR code menus generate actionable insights through analytics on order frequency, quantities, peak hours, popular and poor performing dishes, and more.

Restaurants can identify customer patterns and preferences to tailor menus, optimize processes, and craft targeted campaigns. Rather than speculating on customer needs, data-driven insights help restaurants enhance experiences through informed decision-making.

Consistent Branding Across Channels

Maintaining brand consistency across online and offline touchpoints is vital, but challenging with traditional menus. However, with a centralized digital menu management system powering QR codes, restaurants can ensure the customer experience remains uniform.

From locations across franchises to branded webpages and third-party delivery apps, QR code menus enable real-time synchronization of content. Customers engage with the same menu, pricing, and brand vibe everywhere.

This prevents disconnects or discrepancies that negatively impact experiences. Centralized control also makes updating menus seamless across channels in one go.

PersonalizedOffers and Recommendations

What customers purchased during their last visit or their favorite dishes can remain mysteries for restaurants unless QR code ordering is integrated. Digital menus can deliver personalized upsells, recommendations, and promotions based on order history and behavior analysis.

Maybe a prompt to reorder a frequently purchased item or notification on an applicable happy hour discount drives customer delight. Or a customized recommendation matching recent preferences provides a personalized touch.

Small personalized nudges based on data go a long way in delighting guests and encouraging repeat visits. While traditional ordering limits personalization, QR code solutions unlock targeted opportunities.

The Rise of QRCode Ordering

As customer expectations of flexibility and convenience increase, QR code ordering has gone from a novelty to a necessity. The pandemic-related demand has also spurred QR code menu adoption by restaurants.

According to business technology company Oracle, 60% of consumers prefer ordering food via a QR code, while 77% feel it makes for a safer dining experience.

Another survey by Popmenu revealed 51% of restaurant operators introduced QR code menus in 2020, indicating a growing reliance on digital ordering.

The revenue impact is also noteworthy. Restaurants leveraging QR code ordering saw a 20% higher spend per customer on average according to a Paytronix report.

As QR code ordering permeates dining experiences, restaurants have an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and delight customers through this technology.

Choosing the Right QR CodeOrdering Partner

While adopting QR code ordering is a strategic move, choosing the right partner platform to power it is equally important. The technology and features have a direct impact on the customer experience.

Rather than complex restaurant POS systems, independent restaurants need a solution tailored for small businesses without sky-high costs.

With plans starting at just $19.99 per month and capabilities like:

With an easy self-serve setup and no long-term contracts, Tapless Menu makes QR code adoption accessible. And with capabilities to delight customers, experience a revenue boost while future-proofing your restaurant.


How do customers access a QR code menu?

Customers simply need to scan the QR code placed at restaurant tables, bars, or windows using their smartphone camera. This instantly opens the menu where they can view options, customize orders, make payments etc.

Are QR code menus secure?

Yes, QR codes lead to encrypted menus and any customer data entered is protected through secure payment gateways. Restaurants never handle or store any sensitive payment information.

What happens if a customer doesn’t have a smartphone?

Traditional printed menus can still be made available for those who prefer it or don’t have a smartphone.

How does a restaurant update a QR code menu?

The digital master menu is updated real-time. Any changes like to prices or dishes automatically reflect across all the QR code menus and channels.

Embrace the Future of Restaurant Ordering

As dining experiences evolve in the post-pandemic world, restaurants that upgrade to QR code ordering have the opportunity to drive convenience, engagement, and delight for guests. Not only does it provide a safer and seamless way for customers to order, but the insights gleaned also enable personalization and encourage customer loyalty.

Rather than just facilitating transactions, QR code menus allow restaurants to create a distinctive brand experience while future-proofing their operations. With tailored solutions from partners like Tapless Menu now more accessible than ever, it’s time to embrace the possibilities of contactless ordering.

After seeing the advantages, are you ready to empower your restaurant and customers through QR code ordering? Sign up and try Tapless Menu free for 7 days today to get started!