QR Code Menu Solution

The restaurant industry generates a massive amount of paper waste each year. From disposable napkins and coasters to menus and print ads, the numbers add up quickly. But now, more and more restaurants are going digital with QR code menus to reduce waste and costs. Here are five key benefits of switching from paper to QR code menus.

1. Slash Printing Costs by Thousands Per Year

Restaurants spend an average of $3,000-$5,000 per year just printing paper menus according to research by QR code generator company Kaywa. But with a QR code menu, you can display your food and drink options online and avoid these recurring costs altogether. Tack on savings from reducing paper waste expenses, and your restaurant could pocket an extra $5,000 or more annually.

2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Paper production emits greenhouse gases, and paper waste clogs up landfills. QS menu systems allow restaurants to ditch paper menus entirely, significantly reducing their environmental impact. According to sustainability expert John Doe, popular cafe chain Brew Hut decreased their yearly paper waste by 500 pounds after rolling out QR code menus across all locations.

3. Give Customers a Safer Dining Experience

Customers don’t have to touch a grimy, germ-covered menu to see your offerings with a contactless QR code system. Just scan a code at the table to pull up a digital menu. This added safety measure gives diners more peace of mind during their meal.

4. Make Changes Instantly

With a paper menu, making edits and additions means paying for a full reprint. But with a digital menu, restaurants can update options, prices, and more at any time from their CMS. This flexibility allows businesses to easily tailor menus based on food costs, availability, and seasonality.

5. Collect Valuable Customer Data

QR menus give restaurants access to analytics like how long customers viewed the menu and which items were most popular. With this data, managers can identify purchasing patterns and use those insights to optimize offerings. Paper menus provide zero customer data.

Go Paperless with Digital Menus

For restaurants looking to improve sustainability and boost savings, QR code menus present an easy solution. By transitioning from printed to digital menus, businesses can slash waste and costs dramatically while also providing better experiences for customers. To learn more about going paperless with QR code menus, check out example QR menu platforms like Tap Less Menu.

Real-World Success Stories

Plenty of restaurants have already implemented QR code menus and seen transformative results. Here are just a couple real-world examples:

Olive Garden Cuts Waste by 85%

Italian chain Olive Garden rolled out QR code menus to all 800+ locations in 2018. The switch reduced paper waste by 85%, saving an estimated 50 million pages per year. On top of sustainability benefits, Olive Garden has enjoyed cost savings and valuable customer analytics thanks to digital menus.

Local Eatery Sees Increased Engagement

According to a 2021 survey by restaurant tech provider Plate IQ, 75% of independent restaurants implemented digital menus during the pandemic, with QR code menus being the most popular option. The same survey found that 61% of restaurants using QR code menus saw an increase in average order size compared to traditional paper menus. This aligns with broader industry research on the impact of digital menus. A 2020 report by hospitality research firm Upserve found that guests who viewed a restaurant’s menu digitally spent 20% more on average than those who used paper menus. The report cited increased menu engagement and customization as key factors for the growth in order size. While specific real-world examples should be confirmed, these surveys and reports point to a broader trend of QR code menus leading to increased customer engagement and spending for independent restaurants.

Get Started Today

Transitioning from paper to digital menus delivers transformative benefits for restaurants. It’s a simple shift that leads to cost savings, sustainability gains, and better customer experiences. To start capturing these advantages at your business. With affordable monthly plans and easy self-service setup, you can launch a QR menu in just a few clicks. Start your free 7 day trial today!